villas in the sabine hills and castelli romani

 Villa delle Lance

Villas in the Sabine hills and Castelli Romani

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To the south of the Rome are the Castelli Romani, a sequence of beautiful hills dotted with villages, magnificent villas and castles, all within easy reach of the city centre of the capital of Italy. A bit further and to the North East are the Sabine Hills, a collection of charming villages set amongst well kept farmed lands reached by an excellent train service or by the Motorway. Both offer a fantastic location from which to visit the magnificent city with ease and enjoy at the same time the bliss of relaxing at the end of the day, in a private villa with all the advantages that come with it. There is a lot more than just Rome. If your interested in History, as architecture and good food. Both the "Sabine" hills and the "castelli Romani" offer a unique experience. Here you will find 2800 years of history with very few tourists to have to share it with. A rare opportunity not to be missed.

Villas near Viterbo and the Roman lakes

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