villas near viterbo and the roman lakes

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Villas near Viterbo

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Viterbo is a splendid walled city set in the north of the Tuscia, a verdant and unspoilt area of Italy, visited only by those Tourists tired of crowded locations looking for something different. Homeland to the Etruscans, there are small cities as Tuscania and tarquinia to explore, as many un heard of villages that date back a thousand years. The tuscia sits wedged below Tuscany and Umbria and has basically been blissfully ignored by main stream tourism, ending in the rolling hills and lakes north of the Rome. Bracciano being the larger of the lakes offers a wonderful surprise to those that might venture into this unspoilt area of Italy.

Villas in the Sabine Hills and Castelli Romani

To the south of the Rome are the castelli Romani, a sequence of beautiful hills dotted with villages, magnificent villas and castles, all within easy reach of the city centre of the capital of Italy. Read more... 

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