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Villas near Catania

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As you land at Catania airport the first thing that you notice is Mount Etna, with its snow capped summit that dominates the city of Catania and the beautiful coastline. The east coast of Sicily, with a history that goes back 4,00 years has some stunning cities to explore. To the north the spectacular town of Taormina and on the waters edge, the gardens of Naxos. To the south of Catania you have on the coast the city of Siracusa and the stunning towns of Ragusa, Modica, Noto and Scicli. Unesco protected monuments that offer endless days of culture and beauty to enjoy. Further inland you also have Piazza Amerina and Caltagirone. So whether you're a lover of beaches, Greek temples, unspoilt villages villages as well as of sunbathing by a pool or exploring the food markets, there is something for everyone. Mind you it's hot in the summer months, so for those that really want to explore Sicily, we advise that you to travel out of the hot summer months.

Villas near Palermo

Palermo as Catania and the rest of Sicily was a melting pot of cultures that go back more than 3,000 years. Where the East met and lived in peace with the West for centuries. Read more... 


Sicily's northern and north-eastern shores are beset by beach-going tourists in the summer, who all but swamp the handful of pretty towns. Notable among these are Cefalù, with its narrow streets and cathedral built by Norman king Roger II, and Taormina, facing east, the island's undisputed beauty queen in the form of a hill town overlooking a bright blue sea. Read more...

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