An American guide to Sicilian wine

Sicily and the wines that are breaking into the US market

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, nestles only three kilometres from Italy’s boot, at its closest point.  We may easily be transported to an Italian idyll, forgetting that this island has been marred by emigration, Casa Nostra violence and soaring unemployment over the years.

But in the past decade or so Sicily has found its feet again. With unemployment falling from 23% to 11% from the 90s into the new millennium, Sicily’s industry is ready to grow and achieve.  That is echoed within its wine industry!

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Featured recipe – veal saltimbocca with polenta

Tuscany Now’s Featured Recipe – veal Saltimbocca with polenta

 The Edible woman's veal polenta


Veal saltimbocca and polenta, so authentic and traditional in Italy, can sometimes seem both exotic and unapproachable to an English chef. With both veal and polenta more easily to acquire than ever before, and also with much higher ethical standards, now is the time to explore this Italian classic. Deliciously simple, this Northern Italian dish is simple and pretty easy to prepare, relying on the quality of your ingredients.

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What wines should I drink in Tuscany?

Untying Tuscany – a quick guide to the wine region and its styles

Tuscany Now


vines in tuscany

If you’ve ever wondered “what wines should I drink in Tuscany?” Tuscany Now are hear to provide some light! We spoke to eminent wine enthusiast Gary White for today’s feature, focussing on the range of wonderful wines which are so readily available in one of Italy’s most culturally and gastronomically rich regions – Tuscany.

Gary gives any budding oenologist a guided tour through this region, giving a brief overview of Tuscan wine history before revealing which grapes we should all hunt out when in the area!  Take a look at our map of Italy to get your bearings, and see what Tuscan villas you might stay in so you don’t have to drive after sampling these most wonderful grapes to the full…

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Vote for the Tuscany Now Cook-Off

Inspired by the culinary wonders of the Tuscan countryside, we challenged amateur cooks from around the world to enter an Italian Cook-off. From primi to dolce, beautiful dishes have been created and posted for all to attempt!

We have whittled down this fierce competition to twenty favourites, chosen for their impeccable Italian authenticity, presentation, creativity and cooking expertise.

 The creator of the winning dish will be offered a villa to stay in for a weekend, along with a cooking class from esteemed Signora Anna Bini. 

So which dish is the deserving one? Who has won the Tuscany Now Cook-Off? Please vote now!

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Italian landscapes – how do they speak to your emotions?

From the awe-inspiring drama of the Dolomites to the rolling, verdant plains of Tuscany to the turquoise Amalfi coast, Italian scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.

Jennifer Yound Citta d'Oro

Why do our holiday snaps sometimes fail to do these scenes justice?  We may not have professional cameras and technical capabilities, but there is something further lacking.  Have you ever noticed that a painting of a landscape, or an art photography shot, can capture some of the emotion you felt when you were there?  Tuscany Now compares photos of Italian landscapes with painterly renditions of the scene.  What do you think?  Do they capture more?

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Tuscany Now Cook-Off Competition

Cook off- competitionDo you enjoy cooking, being adventurous and adding a little spice to your kitchen?

Tuscany Now is giving you the chance to win a weekend get-away in the beautiful city of Florence, in our beautiful 15th century farmhouse Il Monte. All you need to do is cook up a dreamy dish that would tingle any Italian taste buds.

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Italian Cycling | An amateur’s guide

From the unapologetically pink apparel to the furiously fast pedalling, Italy’s biggest cycling race will be winding its way to Trieste for its close. When thinking of the calm breeze of rural Italy, the Giro d’Italia appears a raucous contrast, but in fact cycling is a way of life in Italy and has been for generations. The Giro, though more intense than even Wiggins could champion, represents an Italian passion. For those enthusiastic about the sport, cycling in Italy will provide perhaps the most authentic and rewarding form of appreciation. We take a look at what treats Italy has to offer, the brands to indulge in and the tips to help maintain your physical prime.


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