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The chef: Signora Anna Bini

Acclaimed Italian chef and restaurateur

Signora Anna Bini...

is an Italian acclaimed chef and restaurateur. From her youth days in the family business on the Tuscan coast, she has been honing her skills in the best of Tuscan cuisine for over sixty years. Today she manages three restaurants in Paris with the help of two of her sons, delighting professionals and amateurs alike with her first-class cooking classes in two different countries.

Ingredients :

150ml of cream, 100 g of milk chocolate, 150g of dark chocolate, powdered cacao (un- sweetened)

Tartufi al cioccolato - Chocolate truffles

Method: Place in a pot 150ml of cream and allow it to heat on a medium/soft flame, making sure it does not start to boil. Take the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate and grate into flakes onto a plate; once the cream is warm add the grated scales of chocolate and allow it to melt and amalgamate, stirring gently. Once the mixture is of a creamy consistency, place it in the fridge and allow it to cool down. Once the mixture has solidified you can start to roll portions of the mix into small spheres using your hands, roughly the size of a golf ball or even slightly smaller. The last step involves rolling them gently through the powdered chocolate, then they are ready to be served, however if you decide not eat them straight away you can place the chocolate truffles in the fridge or in a fresh ‘cool’ location. Buon Appetito.

Cooking classes...

Enjoy Anna┬┤s tuscan dishes and stories...

Tailored to suit professional chefs or simply amateurs, they are held in France and in Italy. Anna will welcome you in the kitchen of her beautiful villa near Florence or come to your own place. Engaging and fun, prepare to be amazed by Anna's wonderful Tuscan dishes and stories! More info:

Primo Piano

The newest venture is located in the heart of the prestigious Bon Marche' boutique hall in central Paris. Opening onto a stylish terrace full of greenery, this is the place where to enjoy an unforgettable gourmet experience at the restaurant or host a perfectly catered-for private event.

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Casa Bini

Anna's first restaurant opened in 1989 on a quiet side street just moments from Boulevard Saint-Germain. It is one of the oldest and still among the best Italians in Paris and has received a wealth of recognitions through its 23 years of activity.

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"The philosophy of Casa Bini is consistent with the best Italian cuisine, traditional but not nostalgic, refined without ostentation, easygoing but much more than your usual trattoria. Excellent."

Tuscan Cooking Event

Food blogger event...

Check our latest event with Signora Anna Bini

Food blogger event at the Open Kitchen in Hoxton. Acclaimed chef Anna Bini taught the food bloggers how to prepare the traditional Tuscan dish courgette flan with chicken liver pate which they then tried themselves with spectacular results! Read more